Snowbirding best rv storage for clothes & towel|

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. “snowbird” Is A North American Term For A Person Who Migrates From The Higher Latitudes And Colder Climates Of The Northern United States And Canada In The Southward Direction In Winter To Warmer Locales Such As Florida, California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Or Elsewhere Along The Sun Belt Of The Southern United States, Mexico, And Areas Of The Caribbean. Did You Know? Snowbird Has Been In Use Since The Late 1600s, But It Has Only Been Applied To Humans Since The Early 1900s. It Was First Used To Describe Men Who Enlisted In The Armed Forces To Get Food And Clothing During The Winter Months And Then Deserted As The Warm Spring Weather Approached. After A Different Neighbor Had A Water Leak Over The Winter My Former Snowbirding Next-door Neighbor Had The Water Co. Turn The Water Off At The Street And Back On In The Spring..

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