Vintage Trailer Interiors

Vintage Trailer Interiors vintage trailer interior for your inspiration|

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. What A Perfect Name! The Picture Of You All Painted Up Reminds Me Of The One Of You After Having Painted The Fireplace, Lol! I Love The Paint Job, It Looks So Crisp And Wonderful! Vintage Vacations Is The Primier Shop For The Restoration, Remodeling And Redesigning Of Classic American Travel Trailers Built From The 1930’s-1970’s And Beyond With Their Lovable Canned Ham Shape And Iconic Stainless Steel Wings On The Back, The Classic Shasta Trailer Is A Shape And An Image That Everyone Can Relate To. Often Painted In Bright Pastel 2-tone Automotive Colors From The 50’s, Like Lemon Yellow, Salmon Pink And Turquoise, The Shasta Is A Perfect Match For A Classic Car With Big Fins From..

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