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. Noun. This Year’s Models Include Several New Safety Features. This Camera Has Several Features That Make It Easy To Use. The Car Has Some Interesting New Design Features. His Plan Combines The Best Features Of The Earlier Proposals. Her Eyes Are Her Best Feature. Tonight’s Feature Is A New Romantic Comedy. He Starred In His First Feature Film A Year Ago.. Verb Established In 2010 Feature Was Created As A Venue Where Fashion, Music And Art Could Co Exist. Since Then, It Has Been Our Mission To Provide The Highest Quality In Footwear, Apparel And Accessories That Street Wear And High End Fashion Culture Have To Offer. Any Part Of The Face, As The Nose, Chin, Or Eyes: Prominent Features. Features, The Face; Countenance: To Compose One’s Features For The Photographers. The Form Or Cast Of The Face: Delicate Of Feature. A Column, Cartoon, Etc., Appearing Regularly In A Newspaper Or Magazine..

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